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at the university of michigan. what it is is a response to, you know, a lot of new education options that are out there online and many of them are free, but, you go and take a course in history at one place, another one on writing and spanish at other places, what do you do with all the classes, especially since a lot of the other universities online they don't offer degrees. under this wisconsin university flexible option program, what students can do is earn a degree by passing a series of tests without ever stepping foot on the campus. now, you may need to take a few classes to get up to speed, but it offers students a ton of flexibility, it could really be a sign of where education is headed. you know, testing your way to a bachelor's degree. >> a lot of people go in their freshman year and say it makes sense. if i could take the test without going to the class. has the university determined how much this program will cost? >> reporter: not yet. but we're going to get more details when this thing goes online in the fall. >> okay. so i want to talk about something serious now. we should proba
's really about educating that. whether you have a disability or not, everyone should be involved. and i think it's great that, you know, it's being taken into action into schools. you know, this opens up huge doors, you know. like people going to college right after high school, getting, you know, a letter, being part of high school sports is a huge thing. it's getting involved in high school opens up so many doors and i'm really, really excite about this. and i'm honored that it happened. >> i was looking at some of the policies and examples of what schools can do to make sure that a disabled athlete can compete with an abled athlete. something like this. a track athlete who might be deaf can't hear the gun, so if you just bring some flashing lights out onto the track, that gives them the same opportunity and the same way to compete as their counterparts. some people would say also that's going to cost some money because there are going to have to be some changes across the board and now that the government is saying if these schools don't do this, they're going to have money withheld,
they're still saying the school, according to this website, the lone star education website, saying this campus is on lockdown. i can tell you we have ed lavandera, our correspondent based out of dallas. he's scrambling with a crew to try to get us a little bit of reporting from the ground here on this campus. chad myers had a little perspective as far as what is around this area. we have been talking to mike brooks, law enforcement analyst, about what the priorities are for the law enforcement as, of course, the safety of the students and the faculty and staff is number one. you see here ems personnel, ready, willing and able to respond. if there are any potential injuries, you know that those local hospitals are getting used, they have ambulances out according to one of our local affiliates, hearing different bits and pieces from the eyewitnesses. let me know if we have any more sound from the eyewitnesss to try to help us put some of the pieces of this puzzle together, to try to determine what happened and the biggest question of all is why. okay. i'm just listening to my control
obama's policy allows some young immigrants who meet age, education, criminal background requirements to stay in the country temporarily without fear of deportation, but it does not allow them to serve in the armed forces, which is something that arizona resident maria diaz, is also trying to do. >> would you be willing to join the military yourself? and if you aren't, then why would you turn down somebody who is willing to die for a nation that it's all they have known? >> reporter: diaz was brought to the united states when she was 3 years old and has never lived anyone else. as an undocumented immigrant she's ineligible for in-state tuition and is looking for an alternative. >> nearly impossible because the tuition rate was three times more than an in-state student. >> reporter: during his inauguration speech, president obama said one of his agendas for his second term is immigration reform. >> our journey is not complete until we bright young students and engineers are listed in our workforce rather than expeled from our country. >> reporter: but those who oppose his policy say cu
of education arne duncan. he is talking about why one grol is important to him. he is among the people who walked the many blocks from near the capitol to here to be a part of this today. this was a movement started on facebook and it has turned into this behind me. miguel? >> what's the energy like? i done sense there's a lot of energy that that crowd. how big is it? are they really sort of, you know, getting after this? >> reporter: i think one of the things that people here talk about is the fact that this started with social media. this was the brainchild of two people who said right in the hours after newtown we've got to do something. what can they do. they decided to organize this march. it's only been a few weeks in the making. a lot of p people who are marching feel that this many people have gathered from across the country as a result of social media. they feel that is good. however, they're very realistic knowing that the legislation that they are pushing for and hoping that congress will pass, things like reinstating the assault weapons ban, that that faces an uphill battle an
is that through this i've realized there's a serious lack of education and awareness this happens every day. this isn't about me. this isn't about manti te'o and this tabloid story. it's about that this happens and we're just sitting hoping this doesn't happen to me, this doesn't happen to my daughter, this doesn't happen to my child. and that's simply not enough. >> and i have some vision for everybody out there. we're done. get off social media. if you want to, keep watching the tv.
to there is a future. the party's platform, however, is decidedly domestic. affordable housing, improving education, and their hot button issue, putting an end to the exemption of the military service for orthodox jews. in interviews lapid has proposed israel should give up much of the west bank while retaining control of jerusalem. for many israeli voters, lapid represents the modern secular voice of israel. his strong showing in the polls brings the center back into israeli politics. benjamin netanyahu remains the front-runner to be prime minister, but yarir lapid could be the lead partner or he could lead the opposition. either way, after this election night lapid is a new force to be reckoned with. >> reporting from jerusalem. >>> let's get aaron david miller in here. you've written exclusively on the middle east. before we get on to benjamin netanyahu's narrow victory, and it was about as narrow as it gets, tell us a little bit more about lapid who we just saw in the report. media darling courting the middle class or perhaps a bit of a king maker in this situation? did far better than anyone p
but zuckerberg and his wife reportedly like the christie's position on education. >>> in money news this morning, banks are chopping branches by the thousands, almost 2,300 branches closed last year, only 1,200 opened, the highest net loss since 2005. the cuts designed to save money, banks are encouraging customers to shift to online and mobile banking. >>> note to chicken little the sky is not falling. the american chicken council says there is poultry a-plenty to provide for the 1.2 billion chicken wing portions that americans will eat next weekend. the group is trying to walk back reports that wings might fly off the shelves before the big game but i would still get to the grocery store a little early. >>> manti te'o admits he was not forthcoming but he says he never lied. the notre dame linebacker told katie couric he was the victim of an online hoax, duped about a girlfriend who never existed but who actually spoke to him over the phone and for evidence, te'o brought voice mails to the katie show. >> hi, i'm just letting you know i got here and i'm getting ready for my first session and jus
. at the same time the school district has the opportunity to encourage and also educate parents on safe keeping of their guns. that's what they are trying to do is raise the consciousness of people and let them know that anyone can be impacted by this at all. the 12-year-old who was killed by another 12-year-old, grandpa left the gun out. >> i understand certainly. it's a tragic situation and we will be following the story to see how far it goes to see if you have the support you need to push it through in your community. the state senator, thank you very much. >> new jersey mayor corey booker has a new project. it's actually a jewelry line and what this is all made of is that's the strange thing about the story. we will explain that, next. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weigh
, for example, in newtown to massacre 20 children and six educators. these weapons have really no purpose except to kill and maim human beings. plus the high capacity magazines. what i have been hearing from lu enforcement and i'm a former attorney general for 20 years for the state of connecticut, u.s. attorney, federal prosecutor over many, many years. they're outgunned. the police are outgunned by criminals and people with mental illness and domestic abusers who have these assault weapons. that is all we are talking about here. >> senator, the nra as i'm sure you are well aware gearing up for a fight. the new cover reads siege. siege. that means under siege or unenthusiasts are under siege. there is an recall inside that they face assault on their rights. it said don't be fooled into thinking president obama wants to ban fully automatic guns. this has nothing do to do with machine guns. the anti-has the most anti-gun president in history. senator, how are you going to fight the nra? >> the nra unfortunately is marginalizing its involvement. i regret that because we need voices on all sides in
in manufacturing, new, clean energy, infrastructure, all of that is important. education. and as he and the vice president announced last week, reducing gun violence, particularly for our children as a priority. so all of the legislation to do that will be going up to congress but we also need the american people involved in that. everyone has a responsibility, everyone has a role to play on everything on his agenda. so it is a robust agenda. it's an ambitious agenda. but our country can do great things, big things. >> so, van, i'm curious here, the last go round when he won everybody united states excited they had registry, information all of all the people they dropped the ball. the campaign was over and all of these people faded away in the distance. how do you get people engaged? how do you get them to stick around, say we're engaged, we want to figure out how to move the ball forward and get policies n. place? >> the president's calling for a new movement and a new patriot. . on the movement side you already see this new entity called organizing for action. the campaign that everybody, it s
care or education, reducing the deficit or addressing climate change. denis is represented by leaders across our government. add it all up and i think he spent most of the past four years leading interagency meetings hearing people out and listening to them and forging consensus and he holds himself accountable first and foremost. it's no easy task. through it all denis does it with class and integrity and thoughtfulness for other people's points of view. he's a public servant. he plays it straight. that's the team work i want in the white house. time and again i relied on him in the outreach to the communities. denis is a man of deep faith and our policies and programs are measured in the concrete differences that they make in the lives of our fellow human beings. and in the values that we advance as americans. denis insists on knowing for himself the real world impact of the decision we make so away from the cameras without fanfare, he's visited our troops in iraq and afghanistan repeatedly hearing their concerns, finding out what they need and then making sure to follow up. he trav
temperatures to protest the white house sent secretary of education arne duncan to speak on its behalf. >> this march is a starting point. it is not an ending point. this is about action. no more talk, if not now, when? if not us, who? we must act, we must act, we must act. on behalf of president obama on behalf of the vice president, we'll do everything in our power to make sure that we pass legislation that makes our children and our families, our communities safer. >> a demonstrators want a federal ban on the sale of military style semi-automatic rifles like the one used in the newtown connecticut school massacre. a milwaukee sheriff has scary words for residents. david clark says calling 911 and waiting for the police to come and help is no longer the best option. instead people should learn to protect themselves in case they get into a dangerous situation. and here's why. >> with officers laid off and furloughed simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. you could beg for mercy from a vi leapt criminal, hide under the bed or fight back. are you prepared? conside
small business necessary this country and protected investments in college education. so, you know, house republicans -- and now this new ryan budget he's talking about doubles down on what they tried to do last year. they're now saying they will accelerate and intensify cuts to medicare beneficiaries. instead of joining democrats for real reform by negotiating, volume discounts on prescription drugs, they want to continue to accelerate and intensify a budget on the backs of seniors. i think that's fundamentally wrong. we're going to fight that. >> so i'm going to -- i'd like you to predict something because paul ryan says we're headed for a sequestration, the series of steep federal cuts to the defense department and to other government programs. he says it's going to happen. is it? >> well, it shouldn't happen. again, we're willing to compromise. we have already supported $1 trillion in cut to the budget and the budget control act, house democrats have. we are willing to continue to engage in common sense solutions and compromise. but when paul ryan goes on national television an
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)